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Head: Catwa Catya
Body: Maitreya Lara
Hair: Truth / Makena
Emily Armband by Adorsy - Available at Tres Chic Event
Emily Necklace  by Adorsy - Available at Tres Chic Event
Punch / Spinal Piercing / Spikes
::SG:: Pri Mesh Nail
Boots:  Nicole by Mosquito's Way - Available at Tres Chic Event
Abby Swimsuit by Adorsy

JANE Vol 2 Bento Dance by MOVE!

I want to share with you my humble opinion of the new dances of  JANE Vol.2 :
 All the dances are  feminine and  sooooo sexy... you will look so hot! I am sure! 
The movements of the hands and hips are really amazing!
If you want to steal all eyes on you, I think you can not miss these dances!!!
I had no problem to add them to my hud and no synchronization problems.
On this occasion I chose a sexy song in spanish and I hope you enjoy it like i did.

Thank you very much for all your support and many thanks to MOVE! 
See you soon! Kisses....Ale

The Dances cost  300L$ each. Dance Pack (15 Dances) (2999L$)

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